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GV Books publishes Malayalam-language books for the current and future generations. We are publishers situated in Kadirur, the home of the legendary vadakkan pattukal Kadirur Gurukkal, and we publish works by notable writers in Malayalam.

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GV Books Story

In ancient Times, a martial artist by the name of Kadhirur Gurukkal, also called Mathiloor Gurukkal, practised. He is from Kadirur, which is close to Thalasserry in Kerala's modern North Malabar region. Thacholi Othenan earned his Kalaripayattu technique at the Mathiloor Kalari, which he headed.

2014 saw its founding It was originally a book distribution business that GV Rakesh founded. He launched the GV Books publishing initiative after recognising a need for inexpensive books. Philosophy, mind/body/spirit, and business books are popular at GV Books. Additionally, it produces popular science, biography, current affairs, and travel books in both English and Malayalam.


GV BOOKS, Kadirur, Ponniam Junction 

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Mobile: 9447707920

Whatsapp 9447707920

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